Katelyn Dilworth

City Life Director - West Central

Katelyn Dilworth was born and raised in Western Washington along with her three younger siblings (aka BFFs), graduating from the iconic Stadium High School in 2012. She then moved to Spokane to attend Whitworth University, where her biggest dream was to major in Athletic Training and become a trainer for the US Women’s soccer team. Within her first year in college, she surrendered her heart to the Lord and allowed Him to shape her passions for the first time. It was then that she realized how fierce her heart is for teenagers who have been overlooked and underprivileged; within and beyond the borders of the States. She ended up graduating from Whitworth in 2016 after studying both Education and Theology. 

Kate first learned about YFC in the jungle of Sri Lanka the summer of 2015, where she was visiting and living at a Children’s Home. When she returned to the States, she decided to look into YFC and found that it does indeed exist in the States too! It was then that she got connected to YFC International and believed she would move into a small country in Eastern Africa right after graduating college. But again, she surrendered her plans back to the Lord, and it became so clear to her that her time in Spokane was not over. After spending a year teaching High School English and coaching girls’ soccer, she is now so excited for the opportunity to serve the youth of Spokane and work closely alongside the incredible volunteer leaders to encourage and educate them as they become the hands and feet of Jesus in her own community. 

Kate’s greatest passion is empowering teenagers to live knowing they are so loved and were created with purpose. She believes that intentional love has the power to ignite confidence and break chains, and has seen evidence of that already. She has been a YoungLife leader in the Millwood community for 6+ years and is belovedly known as “mom” to the majority of students.

In her free time, Kate loves simply doing life with the people around her, often finding quaint coffee shops to sit and share stories with friends. She finds joy in adventuring outdoors and traveling to unfamiliar places, collecting passport stamps along the way. Kate sees every human as a potential friend, and loves getting to know their stories and passions more than everything else. If you ever have a story you want to share, she invites you to email her anytime!


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